Month: October 2009

My exhaustion has reached a new level …

I always carve pumpkins for Halloween — always, at least two or three — but this year, I have resorted to “carving” virtual “produce” in Microsoft Paint. Sure, they don’t decorate the deck quite the same way. But I didn’t have to spend two… Continue Reading “My exhaustion has reached a new level …”

It ain’t easy being green

Friday, October 30, 2009 8 weeks, 5 days pregnant For most women, morning sickness symptoms peak during the ninth or tenth week of pregnancy. (Source) Oh internet … you are correct. Still have not thrown up — and it appears I might not, if… Continue Reading “It ain’t easy being green”

My Husband (REALLY) Rocks

Dear Darling Husband, You have never been more worthy of a “My Husband Rocks” post, as you have this week. You have cooked You have cleaned up the condo You have done the dishes You have loaded the dishwasher You have walked Little Dog… Continue Reading “My Husband (REALLY) Rocks”