Month: September 2009

The case of the un-eaten Revello bar

Last night, while eating dinner, I wanted a Revello bar. Like really bad. I figured I would have one as soon as we’d finished dinner and cleaned up. But then I had my brilliant idea — I can hear Darling Husband groaning as he… Continue Reading “The case of the un-eaten Revello bar”

… and I lived to blog about it

Well, I certainly didn’t waste any time with my hours-old goal. Just got in from my first-ever official walk/jog/run combo — and first-exercise-except-tennis-or-Wii-games in a long time. I am still in my running hoodie and yoga pants, panting hard, but wanted to record my… Continue Reading “… and I lived to blog about it”

Baby, just run

I have been a freaking basketcase of stress lately, and it turns out that I’m not the only one. Minutes after some back-and-forth texting with Best Friend — she’s mega-stressed, too — I came across this post on Working Girl. She’s over-the-top stressed, too!… Continue Reading “Baby, just run”