Month: September 2009

This is the day we … what? What am I supposed to be doing?

Totally obvious realization: there are only so many minutes in a day. Remember my days-of-the-week cleaning schedule — with built-in rewards like time for painting and facial-masking? Well, it did not go so well. Let’s revisit last week, shall we? Monday: Laundry … and… Continue Reading “This is the day we … what? What am I supposed to be doing?”

What was that name again?

Sarah Michelle Gellar had her baby! It was a girl! And she … she stole two of my baby names??? What??? Well, uh, congratulations. Charlotte Grace is a beautiful name. I only hope that I don’t steal it back someday, and have everyone think… Continue Reading “What was that name again?”

Easy as one … pant … two … pant … three!

You know how life gets in the way of stuff? Yeah, life got in the way of my awesome running goals. I worked a lot of late nights last week, so last night was Run #2, and it went very well. I decided to… Continue Reading “Easy as one … pant … two … pant … three!”