Month: September 2009

Not Me Monday

This is not my first Not Me Monday post in ages. I am always on top of things. I do not sometimes forgo cooking, and instead eat dinners that look like this: I am not totally and completely obsessed with Glee. I watch mature… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday”

Fingers crossed

I am not one to get carried away with “potential symptoms.” Ahem. But if I were one of those people to get carried away, I may have noticed … I am super nauseous this morning. Right now, in fact. I am not craving chocolate… Continue Reading “Fingers crossed”

My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband, This week, on Date Night, you taught me how to play Rummy. Or was it called Rummy 500? 500 Rummy? I had never played before, unless you count Sesame Street Rummy with Little Sis — and you didn’t. I have always… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks”