Month: September 2009

Vroom, vroom!

Last night, Darling Husband and I were doing a little car research. We’re trying to figure out what fuel-efficient, budget-friendly piece of metal is going to replace our beloved SUV. Somewhere along the way, it turned into a baby name discussion — doesn’t it… Continue Reading “Vroom, vroom!”

Third time’s the charm?

It’s official: I was not knocked up in August. I pretty much expected this, so I’m not super-disappointed like I was in July. This, of course, means I did not get pregnant at age 25 — which I sort of figured I would be.… Continue Reading “Third time’s the charm?”

The bell (pepper) jar

A couple of weeks ago, I cut waaaaay too many veggies while making pizza for Darling Husband and myself. I decided to pop them into a washed-out spaghetti sauce jar, and toss them in the freezer. Last week, I dug out the jar and… Continue Reading “The bell (pepper) jar”