My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

I was not having a happy week. I love that you tried to make things better, in your own way, every day …
  • On Monday, you took me out for dinner. I was venting for the whole ride there, but you just quietly listened. You knew I would calm down once I was settled in the booth with a cold drink, and you were right. You’re always right, when it comes to me.
  • On Tuesday, you remembered that I used to like playing ATV Offroad Fury on the old PS2. You dug it out and patiently played it with me. You didn’t laugh at my horrible lack of coordination/video game skills, and even gave me tips on pulling tricks — once you were safely doubling me in points, of course.
  • On Wednesday night, you washed the sinkful of dishes that was adding to my stress, and did a load of the laundry that I was too flustered to get to. That helped.
  • On Thursday morning you handed me $20 and told me to go to the used bookshop, since it always makes me happy. I got to spend a glorious half-hour wandering around the shop, unwinding, and bought a book I used to have, and loved.
  • Today, I raced around like a madwoman trying to get dressed and straighten my hair. When I finally made it into the kitchen, I saw that you had already packed our lunches — which left me an extra couple of minutes to re-straighten the kinky bits. Luckily.
These might seem like little things, but they meant a lot to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love, your wife

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