My Husband Rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

This week, on Date Night, you taught me how to play Rummy.

Or was it called Rummy 500? 500 Rummy? I had never played before, unless you count Sesame Street Rummy with Little Sis — and you didn’t.

I have always been a bad card-player, but you are a total card shark. It always amazes me that you can play any card game imaginable, and you win at all of them! You can count cards, which is like a freaking Matt Damon movie come to life.

Thank you for not laughing too hard at my bewildered expressions as we played — and for putting the cards back after I shrieked, “No! Please! I was going to pick those ones up!”

You’re quite a guy.

Love, your wife

2 Comments on “My Husband Rocks

  1. We love rummy too .. we play all the time when we're just relaxing at home. It's nice to have fun, free activities on hand.

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