Month: September 2009

The boy on the bus

I saw the cutest baby boy on the bus the other day … He looked just like a miniature Darling Husband … … and I thought … … a baby boy … I could do that!

I heart awards

My friend Lindsey over at Like a hamster on a wheel has awarded Laptops to Lullabies with the “Over The Top” award. Thanks!!! The rules for accepting this award are to answer the questions below and pass the award to 6 of your fave… Continue Reading “I heart awards”


Just saw this picture, and — like any child-less adult — was properly horrified. Kids can do stuff like that??? Oh. My. God. Thank goodness there was a fix!

Not Me Monday

This is not my first Not Me Monday post in ages. I am always on top of things. I do not sometimes forgo cooking, and instead eat dinners that look like this: I am not totally and completely obsessed with Glee. I watch mature… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday”

Fingers crossed

I am not one to get carried away with “potential symptoms.” Ahem. But if I were one of those people to get carried away, I may have noticed … I am super nauseous this morning. Right now, in fact. I am not craving chocolate… Continue Reading “Fingers crossed”