Tick tock

I am officially convinced that the whole “biologicial clock” thing is real.

I always thought it was just a “saying.” Like, a woman sees a baby and cooes over it, and everyone around her jokes that her biological clock is ticking. Or a woman is older and really, really eager to settle down with Mr. Right, and everyone comments that her biological clock is ticking.

But it’s real.

I always thought people caught baby fever (A) when they got married, or (B) when they reached a certain age, regardless of being married. But in the past week, I have been proven wrong …
Example A: My own lovely mother. She was married to my father for, like, nine years, and they weren’t even sure they ever wanted to have children. Then, one day, it was like a slap in the face — she needed to have a baby.
Lucky for her, I’m pretty precious. A perfect example of how getting married does not necessarily compell you to want kids.
My mother, naturally, seems a little surprised by how young I have been consumed with the fever. But she recognizes the obsession, because it happened to her … just, later.
Example B: I have an accquaintance around my age who is not in a serious relationship. She has had various boyfriends over the last decade, but none of them have been too serious. She is single right now, and she wants a baby just as much as I do.
Crazy, huh? My initial reaction was that she was so young — and single! — to want to get pregnant. But she is basically my age.
Just because I am married, it naturally seemed like I was more in a position to have kids. That is crap, really.
It’s true that part of the reason I want a baby is because I am secure and happy with Darling Husband.
But if I was single, would I still feel this way? Quite possibly, yes.
So my new theory is that it doesn’t matter if you are married or single, young or old — when your biological clock goes off, it is seriously like an alarmbell that you can’t ignore.

So what do you think?

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