Not Me Monday

Over the weekend …

  • I did “young-person” stuff, like staying out until dawn and drinking and … stuff like that. I would never spend my weekend doing something as lame as quilting … and baking muffins to freeze.
  • I did not decide to make cut-off jean shorts. And wear them. I have excellent fashion sense and only ever wear, um, store-bought shorts.
  • I definitely did not pair the cut-offs with beat-up sandals and a yellow babydoll top. I think looking like a hippie is horrible.
  • I did not download — and begin watching — Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie. No, I was watching one of those new-fangled HBO shows that everybody is talking about.
  • I did not stay up until 2 a.m. scrapbooking.
  • I certainly did not lie to Darling Husband and say that I stayed up so late because I lost track of the time, when really, I was just having too much fun scrapbooking.
Hmmm, quilting, baking muffins, strange clothing, scrapbooking, Little House on the Prairie … this post is painting quite an interesting picture of my life, isn’t it?

So what do you think?

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