A miracle in shirt-form

My new favourite shirt is a birthday gift from Little Sis.

The style is similar to the shirt pictured here — but the colour is very, very, very not what is pictured here. Mine is actually pretty, and this photo is a Google Images disaster.
Anyway, it has a neckline like this, and it’s very flowy. That’s a big departure for my boring style, which revolves around tight shirts and A-line skirts, pretty much.
I’ve wore this shirt a couple of times so far, and it makes me feel totally knocked up. It billows out in front of me and could probably hide a decent-sized bump — crazy!
I want to get more of theses shirts, so I’ll have items to wear during those three months of not-being-able-to-tell-anyone. My usual tight shirts would get people suspicious in a second.

The best part is that these goddess-style shirts are actually trendy right now — mine’s from H&M, and they had plenty of others. Truly a miracle in shirt-form!

So what do you think?

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