What a weekend!

So Best Friend (not pictured here) got married on Saturday afternoon — congrats!!! — and everything went off without a hitch. She looked absolutely gorgeous, we stayed on schedule, and everyone kept commenting that it was the most fun wedding they had ever attended. Success!

Didn’t mean to leave you hanging with that last post. The truth is, it might be a good thing I didn’t bet any real money on it. I think my 80% suspicion has dropped to about 50% — for the time being, at least.
I felt horriblereally horrible — right up until Thursday afternoon, when Best Friend’s wedding festivities kicked off. I spent part of Thursday, all of Friday and Saturday, and part of Sunday completely in bridal mode. It was like being on another planet, where all I cared about were dinners and tailors and schedules and emergency lip balm.
Things quieted down last night, and then I started to feel a bit blah again. But I honestly don’t know if I didn’t feel any symptoms over the weekend because I was truly too distracted, or if the “symptoms” were only pre-wedding jitters.
So now, I am back in limbo. Am I? Am I not? I’m getting pretty tired of this “maybe” game.

So what do you think?

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