Love notes

My mom went on a lot of business trips when Little Sis and I were kids. We stayed at home with a live-in nanny, so while our day-to-day life didn’t change much, we still missed her a lot.

Before she left for a trip, Mom would write little notes on napkins and stick them in our lunch. They would tell us that she would be missing us, and to take care of each other while she was gone.
I can still remember pulling them out of my lunchbag and shoving them under the table, where I could read them without my friends seeing them — because, you know, everything is embarassing when you’re ten.
I have done this on occassion in Darling Husband’s lunch, and it’s definitely something I want to continue when we have kids. Because even though the notes are something you want to read in secret, they still put a little smile on your face.

So what do you think?

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