How many lines?

How many lines? That would be one. Just one.

I’m not pregnant. And I’m kind of down, if I’m being totally honest.
I know I’m taking it early, and the First Response package said it was only about 68% effective to test this early. But I couldn’t wait. I was so sure.
Before I took the test, I told myself that if it came up negative, I would test again if my period doesn’t start by early next week. But I really felt like it was going to be positive. And now the idea of taking another one on Monday or Tuesday … makes me feel like this is going to happen all over again.
I was so hopeful. And now I just feel sad.

3 Comments on “How many lines?

  1. Cheer up, you knew it would take some time. It'll happen before you know it. Everything happens for a reason!

  2. Try again in a few days and who knows, you could be in for a surprise 🙂
    Good luck!

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