I want to be a basketball girl!

Met the CUTEST little pregnant girl tonight. 

She was a total basketball girl. At first, I didn’t even realize that she was pregnant. Then she swung around and I saw the huge-o bump.
Of course, I was around my colleagues, so I couldn’t very well act like my usual preggo groupie self! I played it cool, asked when she was due — TWO WEEKS, holy — and complimented her on being a basketball girl. 
She totally knew what I meant, and appreciated the compliment, but everyone else looked at me strangely.
I want to be a basketball girl! But I fear that only skinny girls actually end up being basketball girls. And when you have curves to begin with, you might just look like yourself … only rounder. 
NOTE TO SELF: When the time comes, belt dresses and loose tops above the bump (as shown above) — might make me look more pregnant and less french-fry-lovin’.

So what do you think?

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