My husband rocks

Dear Darling Husband,

This week I have been freaking out — just a tad — about getting our condo in shape for the party I’m throwing next weekend.

To ease my stress, you installed new shelves for me, and will be painting our bedroom this weekend. You have even promised to install that final lightswitch-plate-thing, that I have been gently reminding nagging you about for almost two years.

And although you could care less about paint colours, vases, and comforters, you helped with the decorating in your own quiet way. You agreed to take me to Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and Home Outfitters, even though you despise shopping.

Thank you for heroicly disregarding the “Employees only” sign on the ladder, and bravely climbing to the top to fetch that comforter set I spotted waaaay at the top. 

Also, thanks for not rolling your eyes when I gasped at the price and asked you to put it back.
Love, your wife

This letter is part of “My Husband Rocks Fridays”

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