Made-up recipe review: Meat-less meat sauce

  1. Look into cupboards/fridge/freezer and realize you are basically out of everything.
  2. Decide Kraft Dinner is not a feasible option — plus, you always make it too mushy.
  3. See that you are out of your usual whole-wheat pasta, and only have an old box of white pasta.
  4. Boil water and add evil white pasta.
  5. Find dusty jar of vegetable-based pasta sauce.
  6. Dump it into a pot and begin simmering.

  7. Realize that you always put ground beef in your pasta sauce, and that Darling Husband might be weak after eating plain jarred sauce and pasta.
  8. Recall that vegetarian friend Lindsey often uses veggies to make pasta sauce hearty.
  9. Scrounge around in the fridge for any vegetables. 
  10. Spinach? Sure. 

  11. Zucchini? Yup.

  12. Blend the crap out of the vegetables and mix them into the sauce. It should look … definitely different than it did before you added all those random vegetables …

  13. Serve over spaghetti, with a side of broccoli.

  14. Never mention that aforementioned sauce actually contains vegetables …
  15. … you know, until a few days after aforementioned husband eats it, and even says it’s good (sorry, hon).
Bon appetit!

P.S. What’s that? You think it would be better with melted cheese? Well, yes, I agree.

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