I say a little prayer

When I was in school, I was big on praying for snow days when I had a math test. I prayed and prayed, and promised God I would spend the extra time studying. 

I swore that if I had the extra time to study, I would do OK on the test.

Occassionally, my prayers were answered and I did get a snow day — good ol’ Canada
Of course, I would study a little bit … and then I would play in the snow, sleep, read, watch TV, etc. I never fulfilled my promise to study without a break for the entire day.
Last week, I had the grown-up version of the pleading-for-a-snow-day. Pleading for your freaking period is a lot more desperate!
Before it arrivedI swore, right here on Laptops to Lullabies, that if I got my period — if I was not four months pregnant for Best Friend’s wedding — that we would not have sex until the big day (July 18).
Newlyb just asked if I planned to stay true to my little “promise.” Weeeeeell … Let’s just say that we will definitely be super-super-super-careful from now until then! Like mega-careful.

Because the next time I pray about my period, I want to be able to pray that I don’t get it! …

So what do you think?

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