Happiness is …

Lindsey over at Like a hamster on a wheel made the cutest list of happiness(es), so I just had to do one of my own …

  • Friday afternoons, when the weekend stretches out before you
  • When my kitchen is clean, with shining counters
  • Watching Darling Husband sleep
  • Productivity, and the content feeling of having finished everything you need to do
  • Falling asleep with my windows open to a pounding rain
  • Long talks with Little Sis
  • Darling Husband’s whole face lighting up when he laughs
  • Little Dog when she cocks her head, and looks at me with big brown eyes
  • When it’s snowing at night
  • Watching movies with Mom
  • A pile of books that I can’t wait to read
What are your happinesses?

So what do you think?

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