5 things I have rediscovered since going off the pill

  1. Extreme klutziness. As a teenager, I was constantly smashing into doorways, cupboards, basically anything. Ever since going off the pill, I have been exceedingly klutzy — could it be related? I must ask my science-y Sis …
  2. Period cramps. Didn’t really have them while on the pill, but now I’m a Midol junkie.
  3. Heightened sense of smell. OK, I’m really not sure if this is possible, or just all in my head. My sense of smell has been bad since an unfortunate playground mishap when I was 14 (yeah, I know, too old to be playing on it anyway). But suddenly I am smelling Darling Husband’s coffee — wow, it’s strong — and I never did before. 
  4. Patience. Of course, I still fly off the handle sometimesssss. I am human. But lately I do find myself a little less bi-otchy. Hubby, if you’re reading this, I said a little!

  5. Paranoia. I was always paranoid, of course, but lately it’s even more so, because I don’t have the protective reassurance of Madame Tri-Cyclen. The freak-out from a few weeks ago was … something I hope not to repeat.
Hmmm, so basically I am …
  1. Bruised 
  2. In pain
  3. Sniffing better
  4. Slightly nicer
  5. Extra-paranoid

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