Just watched Marley & Me with Darling Husband. It was very good, even though I sobbed all over Little Dog. 

I’ve said it before, and now I feel compelled to say it again: dogs are kids-in-training.

In the movie, when John bought Marley for his wife because he suspected she wanted a baby — and he wasn’t ready yet. “A puppy should buy you a few years,” his colleague suggested.
It really is true. We got Little Dog almost two years ago, and she is absolutely our baby. She sleeps cuddled up between us in the bed, under the sheets. Whenever I take a bath, she comes in with me to be shampooed. 
During that first summer, she even rode in a Doggie Stroller — a dark period in Darling Husband’s life. 
Dogs are a great way to ward off those baby cravings, but those cravings can only be satisfied by a fur-baby for so long. After a couple of years with Marley, John realized he was ready for a real baby, and so they started trying.
Why, you’re right! I did start nudging Darling Husband at this point in the movie!

2 Comments on “Fur-babies

  1. I’m right there with you. I have been mommy to my puppy for 2 and a half years now. And the baby cravings are back now. I think its about that time. Found you on SITS. Love the blog.


  2. Haha thanks! Yeah, 2-3 years seems to be the point where even the puppy can’t mask the craving any longer!


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