The name game

While it’s a lot of fun to discuss names with your girlfriends, and throw around fun/crazy name combinations, it becomes stressful when you actually think about naming your child … for life!
You will need to say their name about 3,241 times every day, and deal with other people saying it. So if you pick a name that has a horrible nickname, your sweet like Richard could end up being called Dick or Richie by the rest of the world — ick!
Here are my current faves that I’ve been thinking about lately …
  • Grace (Gracie for short)
  • Hannah (Hannie for a nickname)
  • Emma (has become sooo trendy, unfortunately)
  • Ella
  • Claire (after my grandmother)
  • Charlotte (after the Little Lottie song in Phantom)
  • Bethie/Beth/Bethany
  • Alice
  • Hilary/Hillary (after Duff or Clinton, haha)
  • Molly
  • Bella/Isabella (although this will get reeeeally trendy, thanks to Twilight)
  • Aurora (because I loveeeeeeeee Sleeping Beauty)
  • Nicholas (although I am not crazy about “Nicky”)
  • Brady (might be too trendy for Darling Husband)
  • Andrew 
  • Ben/Benjamin
  • Peter
Any thoughts? …

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