I heart apples!

Big night last night! I started — and finished — my first bib! 
Inspired by my mom and the bibs she used to make for me, I knew I wanted to do something embroidered. It went much faster than expected, although I learned a few lessons the hard way (Spoiler alert: damn fraying!).
Step 1: I grabbed a marker, sketched out a rough bib shape, and cut it out. Only time will tell if it actually fits around Baby’s neck, but I figure it’s probably OK. I chose a cute, sunny yellow so that embroidery thread would show up well.

Step 2: I used a marker to draw on “I heart apples,” and — using an embroidery hoop — I embroidered it with purple, pink, and red threads. 

Step 3: I looked through my fabric drawers and chose a vibrant turquoise for the back of the bib. Both fabrics were fraying pretty badly, so I sewed around the edges to try and keep it together.
Step 4: I opened my first-ever package of bias tape, and attempted to sew it around the edges and create the ties. It was much harder than I thought, because it was pretty skinny once it was folded over — and the frayed edges keep poking through.
It’s far from perfect, but here’s how it turned out …

I heart apples!

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