Can I take your order, Dad?

Growing up, one of my fave toys was my three-foot-high plastic kitchen. It had a stove that made crackling sounds — when using the frying pan — and boiling sounds — when using the pot. It … was … amazing!

It even had a pretend smoke alarm — that once caused a dumb baby-sitter to call the freaking fire department because she didn’t listen to my Baby Sis insisting it was the toy. Haha.
So naturally, I’m sure my kids will like playing with a toy kitchen. Instead of the plastic food I used to play with, I found a posting over at U Create about making food from felt. Brilliant!

My imagination is going on overdrive now, with all the possibilities — even beyond food! Felt dishes! Felt napkins! Felt menus!!! 
If I start making an item here and there now, by the time Baby is old enough to play “kitchen,” I’ll have the makings for a felt five-star restaurant!

So what do you think?

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