The first of many

Had a marathon sewing session today, and am happy to report that I’ve finished my first baby item …

I made the dress using a great pattern I found over at MadeByRae. I didn’t print out the pieces, since she said the pattern was for a preemie-sized dress. But I did look at the screen and “guesstimate” as I traced something similar onto wax paper. I have used newspaper in the past, but the wax paper was way more durable.
I love this design, because it doesn’t require buttons or zippers — two things I have never tried sewing, and am not sure I could handle. I wonder if I can make the baby’s entire wardrobe using nothing but little ties, haha.
It was really exhilarating to finish something like this, knowing it’s going to be for someone very special who isn’t even here yet. It’s like getting a glimpse of the future.

So what do you think?

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