Jean machine

I used to be a little … snotty … about maternity clothes.

I once knew this pregnant woman, and it always bothered me that she rotated between three outfits for most of her pregnancy. 
It was so bad that I used to think, “If I see that stretched-out sweater one more time! Aughhh!”

This makes me sound like a clothes-obsessed chica, which I swear I’m not. I like clothes, but I am not into trends. I rely on Best Friend and Little Sis to help me pick things out. 
However, I do own a lot of clothes — because when you don’t really follow trends, things don’t really go out of style. So I do have a problem when people are re-wearing items too often.
I realize that when you are about to have a bebe, money is tight because you are buying high chairs and booties and stuff. So you don’t want to shell out for an entire preggo-wardrobe.
You don’t need to buy it all. But I think the key is having a really good pair of maternity jeans. You can dress ’em up with blouses and sweaters, or dress ’em down with tees — making (ahem) plenty of different outfits.
I found a pair of awesome maternity jeans I (will) want. They’re from Motherhood Maternity, which seems to be in most big malls. They have a dark wash, are nice and stretchy, and have a nice tall inseam. 
If only regular jeans came in this forgiving style!

So what do you think?

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