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I WANT: Aimee’s Nursing Nightgowns

Was just poking around over at The Stamford Wife, and she had a great post about pretty maternity undies, bras and nightgowns.

The Aimee Nursing Nightgown is a super-soft, stretchy nightie that is great for nursing moms. But Stamford Wife liked her so much, she’s wearing it before Baby even arrives!
It comes in black, cranberry, pink, blue and purple, and they also robes and pyjama sets.
I am definitely a nightgown girl, and the pink one would go perfectly with my pink Juicy Couture robe (pictured here).
COST: $41.95 (US)

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  1. Just be sure to get it one size smaller than you think you will need! The top is very low cut to help with breastfeeding, but that means that at any given moment one or both boobs can fly out when least expected (and appropriate!).

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